Tiffany Pascal

Show ran from 8/1/2014 to 8/16/2014

 Join us for our Opening: Friday, July 25 from 6-9 pm

Femme Schism: Warrior Women Still Love Baking Cakes

Tiffany L. Pascal’s Femme Schism: Warrior Women Still Love Baking Cakes, is a series of irreverent watercolors that undulate across gallery walls as clusters of satirical commentary on women’s experiences.  Sweetly sarcastic, her work examines the girlfriends, warriors, intellectuals, damsels, and sexpots that prevail in art, literature, comics, and film.  These women challenge gender norms while simultaneously conforming to the feminine archetypes that imprison them.

Pascal incorporates the visual language of contemporary comic art to both subvert and honor the medium in which female stock characters are perpetuated.  By re-contextualizing these archetypes into the contemporary struggle of women and girls around the world, Pascal’s works on paper comprise a parody of epic narratives and a redefinition of conceptions of femininity.