The Base Line: An Exhibition on Drawing

Juried by Aron Packer of the Packer Shopf Gallery

OPENING: Friday, June 27 from 6-9pm
EXHIBITION DATES: June 24 – July 18, 2015


The first and most basic skill an artist learns. A medium steeped in tradition and transcendent of that tradition. A skill that has moved certainly beyond pencil and paper, yet no matter what, still the first and most central element of all two dimensional art works. This exhibition is an exploration and celebration of Drawing.

Juried by Aron Packer, work has been selected showing a range of works utilizing this most essential of an artist’s skills. All traditional drawing mediums were considered, including oil and canvas, in addition to all subject matters. Forty-one national and international artists, with work ranging from landscape to abstraction, will be on display through the month of July 2015. Two honorable mentions and one Best in Show have been selected for awards.

About the Juror

Aron Packer started collecting folk art by osmosis. His parents owned the antique quilt gallery The Wild Goose Chase. He was always more interested in the odder material — hand carved canes, original tattoo drawings, sideshow banners, African American quilts, and more. That in turn led to being a dealer in American folk art. After years of selling folk art at antique shows, Packer decided he would curate shows in his own apartment. Through his travels he has sought out unknown folk and/or outsider artists that have more interesting talent than many of the typical names. After creating a small network of collectors interested in his vision, he began to include contemporary artists. He has owned and operated a permanent gallery spaces in Chicago since 1999. Currently, in his largest space to date, he continues with Packer Schopf Gallery at 942 West Lake Street on Chicago.

Exhibiting artists

Gerry Bannan, Mariel Bayona, Victoria Bein, Oliver Benson, Lucas Bianchi, Kaye Buchman, Deborah Bryan, Laura Cerf-Dahl, Jennifer Cronin, Rebecca Ebben, Jessica May Escorcia, Haley Farthing, Ghislaine Fermaux, Samantha Haring, Kimberly Heacock, Heidi Jensen, Millicent Kennedy, Homa Hosseinian Amir Khiz , Michael Koerner, Rene Leighty, Miles Lewis, Anne Lindberg, Peggy Macnamara, Michael Mahoney, Gwen Manfrin, John Metido, Ray Michalski, Zach Mory, Jack Nixon, Marianic Parra Ra, Nathan Pietrykowski, Courtney Porto, Darcy Rosenberger, Thom Sawyer, Irena Siwek, Masha Batool Sorooshnia, Keith Taylor, Jac Tilton, Katarzyna Tomaszewska, Mary Wagner, and Jere Williams