Sarah Barnhart Fields

FLUID THINGS: Opening Reception Fri. July 26, 6-9pm

I work to reach that magic place I knew as a child, where “reality” disappears and all things are possible.

My work is a way of finding out who I am. To quote Kurt Vonnegut; “I make art to experience becoming – to find out what’s inside me – to make my soul grow.” Each piece tells me more about myself. It’s a more honest statement about who I am and my relationship to the world than I can make in any other way.

I am a sculptor whose raw materials are scrap metal, wood, and other materials I find. I manipulate, add and subtract until the piece speaks to me, tells me it is finished and I see the “soul” of the work. I live and work in the country & have access to old tools and parts of farm equipment. These materials speak of death and renewal. By using old pieces of metals in my sculptures, they can add different textures and shine lights on different parts of the final piece. When I’m actually creating these pieces, I’ve found that it’s beneficial to have a good cutting tool to ensure you can cut up these pieces of metal perfectly. It was recommended to me that I looked into using the powermax 45 by Hypertherm to try and get my pieces cut as smoothly as possible. By getting the pieces accurate when cutting, it creates a better finish on the overall sculpture.

Being an artist for me is a process of lifelong learning, you are never done. Each piece is a perpetual renewal. It’s always for the first time.

Opening Reception, Friday, July 26, 6:00-9:00pm

  • Exhibition dates: July 24 – Aug 17, 2019
  • Gallery hours: Wed – Sat 12-6 pm, Sun 12-4 pm