Ralitza M. Vladimirova and Antonia Duende

Join ARC for a new exhibit – Ralitza M. Vladimirova and Antonia Duende

Opening Reception, Saturday, April 30 from 5-8pm  

ARC Gallery features new exhibits exploring what we remember, what we keep, and what we’ve lost. Join us for the exhibition of the works of Iris Goldstein, Pamela Hobbs, Ralitza M. Vladimirov and Antonia Duende.

  • Exhibition dates: April 27 – May 21, 2016 
  • Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm  

Ralitza M. Vladimirova and Antonia Duende  

Contradictions and contrasts, degradation and violence, aggression and human suffering is our reality. Crisis of consciousness, not just economic, social, cultural, racial, national, and ecological, is part of that reality. Yet, most of the world lives in poverty. Children die from hunger and treatable diseases. The West experiences materialistic development while missing the spiritual breath and the Sacred. The traditional, spiritual east looks westward for a more practical and simple life, but imbalance and disharmony exists worldwide. This reality enslaves the human spirit. Can art and its endless capacity to mobilize aid in raising the human consciousness? Can we breathe in light and transform? Can we release these energies? Are we ignoring the energies of the heart and spirit?

Bulgarian artists, Ralitza M. Vladimirova and Antonia Duende have lived and worked artistically internationally. Bulgaria, a unique place, is at the crossroads of east and west, north and south. Located here are two of the most powerful energy centers on Earth. Each artist has been investigating and developing art-based research to explore and penetrate the sacred and mysterious symbolism of the of the Glagolitic alphabet and the Bogomilstvo, a spiritual movement born in 927. Could the endless possibilities of the creative process decode the spiritual? Into the Sacred invites us to explore that possibility.