Granite Palombo-Amit

Granite Palombo is an interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally in places such as Chicago, New York, Paris, Edinburgh, Washington, Toronto, and Hamburg. Her work has been widely reviewed in various journals such as the Chicago Tribune.

Palombo’s work has a strong textual component and her installations and performances often use projected animations of real-time interactive animation reflecting the dancers’ or the audience’s movements.

Integrating her training as a therapist, she initiates outreach projects with different populations such as: previously incarcerated, youth at risk, and residents of domestic violence shelters. The therapeutic process concludes in a collaborative exhibit or performance, which become a testimony to the paradigm shift that they undergo, from survivors of socioeconomic conditions to becoming the ambassadors and teachers of those same phenomena. These performances and exhibitions were displayed at professional art venues, such as: The Hamlin Theater, The Art Institute of Chicago, Logan Center at the University of Chicago, and ARC gallery.

Granite Palombo was ordained as a Rabbi at RSI in New York in June 2016, focusing on Jewish mysticism and healing. She teaches the principles of sacred texts and animates them. By making them more accessible, the contemporary and transformative essence of these texts is revealed.

Granite Palombo is a progressive activist and her work explores social issues, which she aims to expose and to connect to broader audiences. She communicates the difficulties humanity faces in addressing issues such as structural racism and violence against women.

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