Granite Amit

Granite Amit is an Israeli born interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Chicago. She is involved with various community based outreach art projects and dialogue groups. Amit also works as a therapist in a variety of settings and has created exhibitions in collaboration with her clients as part of the therapeutic process. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in places such as Chicago, New York, Paris, Edinburgh, Washington, Toronto, and Hamburg. Amit’s work has been widely reviewed in various journals such as the Chicago Tribune and L’Humanité, France among others.

“Granite Amit’s ‘Whatever is Within is also Without’ gives a strong sense ofa powerful artist, caught at a powerful moment, making a profound statement.”  – Alan G. Artner, The Chicago Tribune.

“In ‘Grapes of Wrath, Granite Amit uses the physical effects of transparency and layering to demonstrate the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian territorial conflict. . . . Her artistic statement conveys the difficulty of discerning one area from another expressing the conflicting points of view regarding borderlines.” – Debbie Michaud, Athens Banner.

“The wonderful thing about Amit is that on one hand she is rooted in theHebrew tradition,” says Rabbi Wolf. “She knows the language, sheknows the Scripture… It’s very old and it’s also very hip. And I think she brings it off.”- Soo Ji Min,  The Chicago Tribune

Granite Amit Website


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