Diane Jurado

I received a BFA and MFA from the school of the Art Institute. I have exhibited my work mostly in Chicago–including SAIC, the Hyde Park Art Center and ARC Gallery.

I am a painter exploring both the physical act of painting and how meaning is created on canvas.  Process is essential part of my painting practice.  I work primarily with oil paint for its physical richness and manipulative quality.  I make a lot of changes to a painting over an extended period of time by layering, scratching, drawing on and rubbing out the paint until I feel the work is finished.

Shapes and forms take on symbolic meaning, implying a relationship between them, evoking action and tension.  These shapes and forms come from drawing and painting intuitively, many inspired by the objects and structures I see around me.  I work towards extending my vocabulary of shapes and forms to move my work forward into new ways of seeing.  I want my paintings to lead me to a visual narrative that hadn’t existed before that is both ambiguous and surprising.

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