Chiyeko Yuki

Chiyeko Yuki is an ARC affiliate member living in Niigata, Japan. Her oil paintings have enjoyed great success in many international exhibitions, combining modern expressionistic process and painting techniques with Japanese sensibilities.

Yuki’s paintings are created on canvas that is coated with gesso for protection. She then communi­cates her ideas with shapes and patterns that are spread on these surfaces. In her earlier series, she worked with a large range of colors on canvas. Her interest in reducing the colors to black and white began with her exhibition of “Wind Series” at ARC Gallery in January, 1998. With black and white, she creates more visual textures that convey a different dimension, which extends beyond the sur­face of multi-layered colors and images and at the same time suggests infinite space. Attention will be drawn to the subtle and nearly imperceptible hints of a not-yet tangible but imaginable beauty below the surface of black and white.

Yuki applies layers and layers of colors on canvas through a labyrinth of slurs,scumbles,scratches , scrubs, scraps and her own calligraphy. These techniques float across textured surface of canvas and insert a “slice of life” in each to evoke the sprit of “ICHIGO ICHIE”. ICHIGO ICHIE is the single encounter of a lifetime that defines the proper state of mind for the conduct of the host and guest when sharing tea in the formally prescribed ritual of the Way of Tea. Whenever one person is brought together with another through a piece of art, there must be tranquility, peace, struggle or joy under­lying the point of tension at the moment of encounter. Yuki’s every moment and movement on can­vas is fluid and spontaneous as she captures the fleeting moment of life: joy, hope, suffering, sorrow, agony, conflict, peace, and serenity.

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