Beth LeFauve

Born in Japan, raised in Ohio in a modernist house with an artistic family, Beth LeFauve has been surrounded by and making art all of her life.

She is a painter, sculptor, and installation artist working in her Logan Square studio. Her formal Interior Design training from Purdue University, informs her use of color, composition, and materials as she combines these elements with her interest in allegories and metaphors. She creates mixed media story boxes, found object figures, three dimensional wood constructions, acrylic textured paintings and large installation pieces.

Beth enjoys creating Halloween monster yard settings that attract Chicagoans from all over the city. She experiments with her installation art in her studio window to entertain passers by. She enjoyed teaching grammar school art and continues to invite people to her studio for a day of art making. Her studio is overflowing with found objects, wood cut off pieces, canvases, paint, art works in progress, as well as a gallery space to show her current work.

She has exhibited her work in Chicago, Athens, and Stockholm group shows. Her art work has graced the sets of television shows.

Art Ascent magazine published and awarded an Honorable Mention and named her a Distinguished Artist for her sculptures.

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