Pamela Hobbs

Join ARC for a new exhibit – PAMELA HOBBS

Opening Reception, Saturday, April 30 from 5-8pm  

ARC Gallery features new exhibits exploring what we remember, what we keep, and what we’ve lost. Join us for the exhibition of the works of Iris Goldstein, Pamela Hobbs, Ralitza M. Vladimirov and Antonia Duende.

  • Exhibition dates: April 27 – May 21, 2016 
  • Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm  

Through the Shadows of Home explores the artist’s powerful feelings of separation and loss after selling the family home. A fine-art photographer whose work explores feminine identity and the passage of time, Hobbs creates a surreal and enigmatic sensibility.

Of her current work, Hobbs writes: “After my father died in 2012, my sisters and I had to sell our family home. This house had been in our family since I was a little girl and it held all of my childhood memories.  It also held memories of my parents who are both gone now. So, I had a strong connection to it. I decided to make a miniature replica of the house and use this in my next photographic series.”