Miki Baird

Show ran from 4/1/2001 to 4/28/2001

Recent Work,  sculpture.

Miki A. Baird likens her use of bodies out of order to a foray with an injunction-disembodied segments of the female human form subvert our expectations of what natural order should be. Her work is full of questions about the propagation of perceptions and belief systems, objectification and commodification, as well as the idea of complicity. “Piles of Rubber,” consisting of layers of black polyurethane rubber, concentrates on the use of replication and accumulation in reconstructing a new framework from the old. Baird refers to her work as absurd and ungainly and suggests that it is probably more about what we don’t know about ourselves than what we do. A close look will reveal that the message is in the layers.