Masha Keating

Show ran from 3/6/2013 to 3/30/2013

Closing Reception Friday, March 29 from 6-9 pm


Masha Keating’s website

Masha Keating creates visually stunning works which evoke meditation through repetition and beauty. Abstracting both organic and architectural motifs, she allows color and line to be the focus of her body of work.

Although her work flows between abstraction and representational imagery, Keating is strongly influenced by the aesthetics of Georgia O’Keefe and the repetitious patterns of Gustav Klimpt.  As contours and line graduate to a more prominent role in her paintings, color and balance remain the primary standbys in her compositions.

Keating’s latest experiments with mediums have led to a creative freedom among her renderings of silhouettes and forms. Her most recent works are composed by layering oil or acrylic paint to create depth through multiple transparencies.  In her latest paintings Keating creates new landscapes – abstract in form, metaphorical and spiritual in existence.