Mary Jane Duffy

Show ran from 11/7/2012 to 12/1/2012

GLIMMER AND STRIFE      mixed media

Opening Reception Friday, November 9 from 6-9 pm
Mary Jane Duffy’s recent series entitled Glimmer and Strife is made up of  abstracted landscapes that investigate the relationship between humans, nature and technology. Looking at diverse material for inspiration, these works explore contemporary issues of globalization, environmental degradation, war and conflict in an increasingly, frenzied artificial world.Dots and marks create a visual hum that recalls TV snow; natural colors like blues and greens are a reference to the natural environment; murky, dull colors are a reference to how we have degraded our environment. Bright, unnatural colors reference human-made environments. Places chosen as source material are sites to examine the tension between the personal, national, global and natural.

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