Leslie Eliet

Show ran from 7/1/2009 to 7/18/2009

Walking (Ink) Meditation, Part VIII: Prey/Grieving, Sumi ink, Watercolor, and Prints.

Eliet’s exhibition centers around a work titled Walking (Ink) Meditation, Part VIII: Prey/Grieving, which is part of a body of work that has been unfolding over more than a decade. The Meditations include scroll paintings, accordion-fold books and studies in ink and watercolor. Ink painting encourages spontaneity of expression, but is also unforgiving. Its character allows for no second thoughts or hesitations, but is also capable of revealing images, attitudes or memories buried in the subconscious. The different structures that Eliet uses, such as accordion books, offer narrative frameworks in which these unruly matters can be contained, allowing images and ideas to unfold over time.