Joseph Bigley

“Joseph Bigley”  Opening  Fri.  April 27,  6-9pm

My work is typically a form of social commentary. Under the current political climate, parts of my practice have taken a surprising turn away from such a focus as a response to the overwhelming media barrage and hostility perpetuated by the occupant of the White House. This series of mixed media paintings is explorative in process and simplicity.

The dichotomous use of oil paint and charcoal provides for concurrent polarity and harmony.  Stripped down forms and shapes radiate a sense of properties associated with the physical sciences. This body of work intentionally offers a minimal amount of imagery and by harnessing the inferences of free association and strict geometry creates an expansive suggestion of space, time and universality.

Exhibition dates:     April 25 – May 19, 2018

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm