Jan Parker

Show ran from 7/1/2012 to 7/21/2012

BENEATH THE SKIN…AN EXTENSION OF MY DNA    mixed media installation

 Opening Reception  Friday, June 29,  6-9pm

Since 2010 Jan Parker has been collecting and working with hair as one of the mediums in her art.  Initially interested in how we respond to hair and the aesthetic dichotomy of growing hair vs. dead hair, she later became intrigued by the power hair has, both personally and metaphorically, as an extension of our DNA.

In this installation, Beneath the Skin…an extension of my DNA, Parker makes references to the loss of identity by using her hair along with the hair of hundreds of anonymous men and women, family, and friends. Coupled with the hair is a personal, intimate, and universal object. Both the hair and the stripped bed are saturated with meaning and together they convey a narrative of loss and removed identity.