Granite Amit

“Whatever is Within is also Without,” installation

Israeli artist Granite Amit presents “Whatever is Within is Also Without,” a minimalist installation, creating a visual space unfolding into a multiplicity of alternative narratives through text and video. The installation contains sheer fabrics in the shape of a floating house, minimalist plans of houses painted on the floor, and a video projection of text. The video shows text edited in an animation program. The motion of the text completes or contradicts the delivered impact of the whole. The video expresses and defines simultaneously emotional fragility and transparency. It also explores the process of written and visual art. Text, and most particularly, poetry, describes realities which do not exist, captured in two dimensional entities, that is, the words. Visual art has the alternative capacity of translating inner processes and cognitions into existing objects. The installation is a dialogue between these forms of expression. The visual elements of the installation and their intentional transparency yield in importance to the motion of the person who enters the space, who then becomes engaged in this artistic conversation, bringing in his or her own personal narratives.