Charlotte Segal

Show ran from 5/4/2006 to 6/3/2006

“Venus,” mixed-media paintings

Charlotte Segal travels with an eye to local color, history, and the dominant art treasurers of regions visited.  In October 2005, Segal spent considerable time in Paris studying her favorite works of art, especially the sculpture “Venue d’Milo,” a long time resident of the Louvre.  “Venus” is the inspiration and theme of Segal’s latest mixed-media paintings.  In addition, Segal, with collaborator and printer, Peter Jones, has taken Venus from her pedestal and repositioned her via digital processes, leaving the Louvre behind.  A member of ARC Gallery, Segal also is on the faculty of the International Academy of Design and Technology, Chicago Campus.  Her paintings are in many major collections.  Her focus on the female form has been a recurring theme.