Anat Pollack

Show ran from 9/1/2010 to 9/25/2010

objet petit a” archival inkjet prints and video

Opening Reception:  Friday, September 3, 6-9 pm 

The “objet petite a” series is about desire, and the allure of the
unattainable.  In this series Anat has digitally modified still images
taken from television commercials. The advertised is generic.
Commercials sell an impossible ideal, lacking any reference point
to objects being sold.   In the “objet petite a” series, the heavy
layering of multiple frames of video erases the objects being sold,
thus distilling and crystallizing the ideals, rather than the object,
being sold.  Highly saturated, dreamlike and blurred, these images
are meant to evoke both hope and nostalgia.

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