Amy Zucker

TIME: Opening Reception Fri. Sept 6, 6-9pm

TIME “The indefinite continued process of existence and events in the past, present, and future.” (Merriam-Webster)

Aging is ever present. We resist with our choices and hope to make friends with the reality in the mirror and our minds. There can be judgment and disagreement in the choices we make to achieve youth or how we define healthy aging. The passage of TIME that defines aging however, is unavoidable, accepted and defined differently for us all.

I have long made art that relies heavily on my experiences as a nurse working with older adults and it has always served as a speaking point for me. I worked as a CNA in a nursing home when I was 16. As well as teaching me the importance of getting things like medicaid estate planning sorted out as soon as possible, it was genuinely a joy to work there and feel like I was helping make a difference to people’s lives. I loved the residents’ white hair and faces, deep with wrinkles and lines and dark spots. I am now middle-aged and though I will always find them beautiful, I don’t want those features to be mine and I wonder about this. Irony? Hypocrisy? Or perhaps I just want to take a little more care of my skin and use something like gundry md polyphenol dark spot serum. I’m still trying to figure out my feelings on it all.

My mother lived to be 99 years old and in her mind she was forever young, always preferring to keep her age top secret. Even though she’d laugh with awareness after she’d say “I’m sweet sixteen!” youth and beauty would forever be desired by her. We are lucky that we have access to supplements these days to aid with our health, and reviews on each one which we can access online to see if it will be suitable for us. For example, these unify health labs reviews show how this supplement has helped people in the past. I suppose if I start to get a few wrinkles I can always buy some skin firming supplements or take a look a look at some beauty treatment deals like the bhmd deep wrinkle filler coupons. The good things about the world today… we are spoilt for choice. However, I wonder what my mother’s secret was. I wish I could have known!

My process has often been drawn to the act of sewing. It is both a memory and a companion to art making and nursing. Both my parents sewed. My mother sewed when she was young to make the clothes she could not afford but desired and later to adjust the clothes she could now buy but needed to tailor to her liking. My father was a surgeon and sewed tiny stitches both to mend due to an accident or to adjust for the patient’s desire. I have often felt the kinship of sewing to caregiving as an act of making repairs, closures and mending as we nurses help our patients seek out help to do the same.

Opening Reception, Friday, Sept 6, 6:00-9:00pm

  • Exhibition dates: Aug 28 – Sept 21, 2019
  • Gallery hours: Wed – Sat 12-6 pm, Sun 12-4 pm