After Supper Visions

“After Supper Visions ”  Opening  Fri.  May 26,  6-9pm

After Supper Visions is a self-supporting photography enterprise for the poor, homeless and near homeless of Chicago. Five nights a week the needy are supper guests at Catholic Charities at 721 North LaSalle Street. On Tuesdays, those who wish to participate in the program are given cameras, disposable or inexpensive digital, and instruction by professional photographers. When the cameras are returned, guest-photographers choose 3 or 4 images to be printed and included in an exhibition for the public.

The motto for the program is that it “Develops Film, Talent, and Hope.” Observations and conversations with supper-guest photographers provide a picture of people who are able, through the program, to engage with volunteers and one another in a meaningful way and to find a sense of self through their photographic endeavors. It provides an objective intellectual opportunity beyond their efforts just to survive. One guest states that photography makes them feel as though that they are worth something. Another tells that he has two precious possessions-his blood-sugar monitoring kit and his camera. While yet another talks about trying to capture something of experiential homelessness and being able to see the glory and grace of everyday existence.

Proceeds from the sale of the work supports both the program and the guest photographers personally. Please note: This is a non-religious endeavor.  Catholic Charities and After Supper Visions supports all races and religions.





Opening:     Friday May 26 from 6-9pm

Exhibition dates:     May 24 – June 17, 2017

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm