Kina Bagovska

Kina Bagovska says of her work:

“I listen and paint music. I try to interpret music making use of rhythms in my strokes.” Music is in the focus and essence of Kina Bagovska’s art through its rhythmic expression of light.Her recent paintings search for translucency, reflection, and refraction through use of papers and clear foils. She looks to the reflections surrounding us to create a different world that is unreal, dynamic and changing. Backdrops of neutral paint tones serve as windows through which the layers are revealed. Juxtaposed layers create movement and depth in space.

Bagovska received a Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Arts in Poland. She has lived in Chicago since 2000, working as a journalist for the Bulgarian newspaper, Bulgaria21 Century, and teaching art classes at Triton College, and at her private art studio.




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