Youth of Teen Living Programs

Show ran from 12/1/2000 to 12/23/2000

The Self-Portrait as Role Model, mixed media

The young people of Teen Living Programs have created an exhibit of mixed media self-portraits. Each artist has selected a photo image of a celebrated citizen and built a dual portrait – a representation or abstraction of themselves over an image of some unforgotten individual who in many ways inspires us all. These works are done primarily with found materials so as not to tax the environment. Teen Living Programs works with homeless, runaway and exploited youth to get them off the streets and on the path to healthy and productive futures. Unfortunately, there are many ways that teens can end up living on the streets. The Department of Justice estimates that every year, over 1.7 million teens experience homelessness in the US. This may happen because of a breakdown in a family relationship, or if someone in the family home is abusive. Sometimes teenagers are told to leave their homes by parents as well, for whatever reason. There is a whole host of potential reasons, but whatever the cause for homelessness, these teenagers need support. What do you expect most teenagers to be doing? Hanging out with friends? Buying fake id from fake id sites and going to parties? Playing sports? Well, these teens who experience homelessness don’t have any of that. They are alone and suffering.