Victoria Szilagyi

Show ran from 3/1/2012 to 3/24/2012

WAR AND PIECE    mixed media

Opening Reception Friday, March 2, 6-9pm

Victoria Szilagyi presents us with her thought-provoking  exhibit entitled War and Piece.

Working in the disciplines of both theatre and visual art, Szilagyi has deep insights and strong viewpoints on the portrayal of women.

Szilagyi states, “In mainstream western culture, the ubiquitous media relegates women to a narrow repertoire of acceptable emotional expressions and personas.  Limited depictions, exponentially reinforced through repetition and amplification of the male dominated gaze, blanket our cultural perceptions with an absurd hyperbole.”  In Szilagyi’s work, the farce of the “cat fight” forges it’s own truth on a solid foundation of paint, wax, thread and deception.

Among Szilagyi’s works will be included the painting on the left: Erinyes, which was the winner of the inspiring Sword & Pen 2011-12 play-writing and visual-arts competition. It gave inspiration to “Trash”, a new dramatic production written by Arthur M Jolly and produced by the Chicago theatre company “Babes with Blades.” The “War and Piece” exhibit runs in conjunction with the production of “Trash” at the Side Project Theatre in Chicago.