The Works of Bulgarian Children

This November, join us for an opening, a visual conversation and a panel discussion.
Opening Reception, Friday, November 6th from 6-9 pm

Relationships. Cynthia Vaicunas, Chicago’s Bulgarian Children and Laura Lencioni portray their relationships with art and the earth and the language necessary to convey these thoughts during ARC’s November exhibit.

A Panel Discussion including the Bulgarian children artists will be held Sunday, Nov 15 at 3:00.

Exhibition dates: October 28 through November 21, 2015  
Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm 

Children’s Voices, curated by Kina Bagovska, is an introduction and a way to make possible the dreams of the children as well as their vision about the safety of our planet. The exhibition presents more than fifty works accompanied by written messages explaining these young artists’ thoughts and concerns about the future of our civilization.

At 3:00 on November 15, there will be a Panel Discussion and Interaction with the artists.

Bulgarian born artist Bagovska, a member of ARC, has lived and worked in Chicago since 2000. Her recent exhibitions include “Lost and Found” at ARC Gallery, “Silk and Stone”, Auzits, France and “Sacred and Erotic”, Sophia, Bulgaria. She has received awards for her collaborative arts from the Illinois Arts Council and from the American Museum of Arts, Miami.