Tanya Synar

“X & Y,” video installation

The video artwork, “X & Y” explores location as a shifting point of reference. Synar’s artwork is often concerned with natural phenomena as a mechanism to illuminate the process of perception. In “X & Y,” pattern and repetition are primary carriers of information in which time becomes somewhat abstract and distorted. A long procession of transport trucks on the highway is captured by the camera’s abrupt movement. Movement in time and space are distorted in an oppositional journey down the highway. “I am interested in situations involving movement in time that can cause the mind to pause. The pause resets perception, like a reset button on the mind. Our place in a given location is comprised of constantly shifting coordinates and how we gauge these perceptual shifts whether consciously or subconsciously is fascinating. In physics, time and space are mapped in given coordinates, yet remain elusive as an abstract construct. My intention is for the work to remain open-ended enough for multiple interpretations.”