Susan Crowell

Show ran from 1/5/2011 to 1/29/2011

BIOMORPHOGRAPHY  ceramics and mixed media

Opening Reception:  Friday, January 7, 2011 6-9pm

The powerful influences of Italian architecture and sculpture are alive in Susan Crowell’s work.  She regularly returns to “corporeal” themes and “real time” in a search to seek out and reclaim the tactile in our increasingly mediated world.  In “Flesh and Bone,” Crowell addresses subjects related to war and domesticity, examining the impact of industrial-scale warfare upon the body and the body politic and the ways that military and domestic lives create their own chronologies in debris.  Concerned with the tensions expressed between the ideal of integrity-social, ethical, physical, and aesthetic-and the forces that undermine it, she works with figurative ideals in the vessel, and its role as a metaphor for human beauty.