Sheila Shochet

Show ran from 11/1/2013 to 11/16/2013

Join us for our opening: Friday, October 25 6-9pm

Sheila Shochet exhibits Positively Delightful & Very Alarming, the most recent part of a series depicting architectural ruin. She portrays a moment of upheaval, a fraction of a second of calamity, displacing masonry or glass, seashells or vegetation, objects useful or unimportant.

All that has been constant is torn apart; objects are thrown into the air, only to tumble to earth, into the sea. Shochet captures upended moments of beauty, happiness and delight in the midst of destruction and decay.

Watercolor media, ink, pencils, scraping and drawing on watercolor paper are used to intensify the motion of the moment, as all that is known is thrown into space and brought down again to earth.