Sela Koren

“Drawings”  Opening  Fri.  June 23,  6-9pm

Israeli artist Sela Koren presents a series of drawings representing a woman, a man, and a child (from infancy to six years old) as well as self-portraits.  Among some drawings are Hebrew letters, made with the artist’s left hand, very early in the morning while working with his father on the family farm.  These were drawn this way to represent an ancient anger since drawing with the left hand develops the right hemisphere, where mercy and forgiveness are found.  Several drawings include text of the insights the artist had while in the process of creating the work.  The last group of drawings are of crows and cows, meant to represent the outside world.


Exhibition dates:     June 23 – July 15, 2017

Gallery hours:     Wed-Sat 12-6pm    Sunday 12-4pm