Ruti Modlin

Ruti Modlin describes her work:

“I love people. I love feasting my eyes on them with abandon..

Freezing their features and expressions on my canvas brings me great satisfaction.  I am amazed how different we all look, yet we are all the same: human. Our experiences are similar and our reactions as well. It shows in our facial expressions.

I like watching people and depicting their individuality. I try to afford the viewer my own staring vantage point.

The portraits are depicted in close-up fashion, so as to focus on the footprint of the individual face and to afford the viewer the emotional experience of looking into their face, which creates an intimate relationship between the viewer and the subject. This enables an emotional dialog of sorts. By paring down on the distractions of background or clothes and choosing no background, I believe the gap that exists between two people can be bridged or closed, as there are no cultural or time defined barriers.

The idea is to bring people closer to each other. To create a safe voyeur like situation, without the fear of having to take your eyes off them when they stare back…”

Ruti Modlin Resume

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