Randi Shepard

Randi Shepard is a photographer and printmaking artist from Chicago. After receiving her B.F.A in Visual Communications from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1983, she immediately broke into the commercial photography scene in Chicago, working with people photographers, such as her long-time mentor Jean Moss (as well as Steve Ewert, Joann Carney and Marc Hauser).  She continued to build her career, obtaining her own clients up until she met her German husband on a vacation in Jamaica in 1990. She worked briefly in Munich, Germany and then took a break to travel, help her husband establish his business, and raise 2 children. Well, after about 23 years of marriage she has finally figured out how make room in her life to pursue her own personal artwork, and has never been happier!!!!  Lately she has been creating silkscreens on paper, based on her photographic images. After exploring many themes for about 2 years, her work is circling back to reflect the people she spent years photographing, mostly in her studio. Definitely a “people-person”, Randi also enjoys nature more and more as she grows older, hiking, skiing, going to the theater, and cooking.

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