Kina Bagovska

Kina Bagovska was born in a small town in Bulgaria. She graduated in 1980 from the Academyof Fine Arts in Poland with a Master of Arts Degree.

Her work is internationally recognized and has been exhibited at venues including: The National museum, Earth and Men, Sofia, Bulgaria;  Polish Institute of Culture; Hungarian Institute of Culture, Sofia Bulgaria; Latin American Art Museum, Miami, FL, where she was awarded in 2004, Women in the Arts; Installation of Mark di Suvero’s Peace Tower at the Chicago Cultural Center; Feminist Ecology: Women in the Earth, juried exhibition, Museum curator Nathan Harpaz, Koehnline Museum of Art, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines. In 2002 and 2008, Bagovska received grants from the Chicago Arts Council for her collaborative art. She was an artist in residence at LeCouvent in Auzits, France in 2014, where she did paint on stones and silk and had a solo show. She has been exhibited in the US and abroad including cities such as Chicago, New York, Washington DC, New Orleans, Miami, Edinburgh, Wroclaw, Sofia and Paris. Bagovska’s public art is on permanent display at the Ridgewood High School in Norridge, Illinois.

She also taught painting, drawing and graphic design at Sofia College of Arts, Bulgaria and Triton College, Chicago. Her art has been featured in publications and magazines including: Catalogue, 40 Anniversary, ARC Gallery; 10th Annual Awards Gala- 2012 book, PanHellenic Scholarship Foundation; Le Genie de la Bastille – ARC Gallery, Chicago – Paris; The Spoon River Poetry Review, Summer/Fall, 2010, #2, Quartet-2004, picture by the artist and poem by Lucia Getsi after Collaborative art, Poetry – Women –Art at ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL.; Book, 100 Contemporary International Artists – European Community Artists Library, Barcelona, Spain by Carlos M. Gindicessi and Museum of the Americas; Chicago Art Open, 2008; National Radio, Sofia, Bulgaria; “ICONS”, Kina Bagovska, TV Show-Friday Night, Chicago, IL; Book cover for Music by Sonia Ray, Brazil; Explored Everything from Mythology to Modern Science to Super Model Culture, by Anna Poplawska, CAC Artist’s news, cover page, Chicago, IL Dec., 2005.

Bagovska lives and works in Chicago. Since 2003 she has been a member of ARC Gallery.




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