Jane Stevens

As an artist/photographer, I work with light. Photography is about light and photosensitive materials. The process itself is magical. The landscapes in the photographs are visual metaphors for the artist’s transformative process and journey of reclaiming a sense of self and connection to the world/community.

The current photographs are black and white infrared photographs taken in South Dakota from a series entitledPresence in Time. This series of photographs was first started twenty five years ago while traveling across the United States. When I arrived in South Dakota the landscape intrigued me and I knew that I would one day return to photograph the land and sky.

Stevens has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including the Los Angeles Photography Center; Galeria Tonalli, Mexico City; University of Arizona, Tucson; Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana; Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Kentucky; and Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, Texas.


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