“Piece Process”

various national and international artists, various media

This exhibition is an artistic response to the deteriorating peace process in the Middle East. The name “Piece Process” suggests a semantic challenge: is the peace process stuttered and fragmented? Do the recent events polarize people to a degree that they will not be reconcilable and able to heal? Or maybe the continual human loss and civil destruction are part of an ongoing process towards a broader understanding of the universality of human experience, regardless of nationality, race or faith. Utilizing personal and cultural iconography, participating artists respond to issues of identity, morality of actions and justifications of deeds. ARC provides an uncensored visual space for diversity of artistic voices, understanding attentiveness and tolerance to be a preliminary step in fostering a meaningful dialogue. It is ARC’s hope that this venue will help to lead people, peace-ing-it-together, to a more hopeful place.