Pamela Staker

Show ran from 5/2/2001 to 5/26/2001

Precarious Relationships,  mixed media

Unusual material combinations together with gourds, crutches and water spigots typify the mixed media and sculptural work of Chicago artist Pamela Staker. Through a documentary process of photographing, painting, manipulating and re-inventing these objects as 2-dimensional images, the artist’s recent work creates an abstract narrative that yields an enigmatic quality not found in the original object. After ridding the work of all 3-dimensional remnants, the artist often re-introduces an altered object to set off an uneasy relationship and the circle of the process continues. Says Staker, “I have always been preoccupied with combining sculpture and painting. The precariousness and difficulty with which the two can co-exist is of constant interest to me.”