Not Just Drawing–A Line With Intent

A juried exhibition at ARC Gallery from Feb 29-March 24.  Opening Reception: Friday March 2, 6-9PM   Juror F. David Reif will give a juror’s talk at 7:00pm at the Opening Reception.

Selected by the Juror as Best in Show:
Nancy Charak, David Kohan, Julia Davis

Participating artists selected by the juror:  Alexios Aviamis,  Gail Baar,  David Baird,  Bob Bechtol,  Jon Beskin,  Nancy Charak,  Julia Davis,  Sarah Doyle,  Lauren Evans,  Susan Gofstein,  Samantha Haring,  Megan Hildebrandt,  Roxane Hollosi,  Johnson Hunt,  Phyllis Jaffe,  Damien James,  Pauline Kochanski,  David Kohan,  Ambrin Ling,  Casey Lowry,  Sally Machlis,  Wayne Madsen,  Lara Mann,  Angie McMonigal,  Katherine Nemanich,  Joy Ray,  Kathleen Rogers, Kathy Blankly Roman,  Elizabeth Snipes-Roch,  Anne Taft,  Tao Tao,  Daniel Alejandro Trejo,  Holly Wong

What is intent? What is the underlying driving purpose or “thought-framework” for making a mark or image on a surface or in a space? Can “intent” include the intention of having no intent? How much does habit, convention or chance dictate our action and how much comes from an original and personal sense of expressed understanding? How much comes from the unconscious or irrational fabric of our experience? Are there other ways to make a line than with a #2 pencil?

This exhibition is intended to invite thoughtful (and/or feeling-full) exploration of these and other such questions. In particular, however, we hope this challenge will nurture examination of what is habit and convention, … and what is not.