NATIONAL EXPOSURE Revisited – A Juried, National Photo Exhibition

Show ran from 12/5/2012 to 12/29/2012

A Photo Exhibition Juried by CHARLES OSGOOD.

Opening Reception Friday, December 7 from 6-9 pm
Osgood began his photo-journalism career as a reporter for City News Bureau, before going to the Chicago Tribune as a reporter in 1969. From 1970 to 2008 he was a photojournalist there, and for 13 years he collaborated with Rick Kogan on his column, “Sidewalks” covering interesting people and places in the greater Chicago area. Two books of their columns were published. In the early 1990s, he had his own column at the Tribune, Chicago Arts, consisting of a photo and caption. He had been an long-time professor of photojournalism at Columbia College and currently teaches at the Chicago Photography Center. This juried exhibition, in celebration of the upcoming 40th anniversary of ARC Gallery and Educational Foundation is a look at photography today. In the 1990s, ARC had 4 National Exposure exhibits that examined the wide diversity of work being done in the field of photography at that time. With the technical revolution of the last 20 years in photography, ARC is showing these new ways of seeing, while also examining more traditional photography techniques. Obviously, these days people are taking photographs in many different ways. Whilst professionals can now enjoy more advanced photography equipment, other people can also benefit from mobile phones with better cameras. This allows more people to begin taking photographs of things around them. Photography should be a hobby for everyone, so it’s important that new techniques are dicussed. A lot of people have been taking beautiful photographs and uploading them to their Instagram account in order to share the image with multiple people. If they wanted to share it with even more people, aspiring photographers could consider using Nitreo to get instagram followers to help them make their page more successful. By doing that, there should be more people looking at the photographs. Social media is helping a lot of photographers to find work, so it’s important that people do consider using social media.

Exhibiting artists:
Alexandra Lee (ATYL), Angie McMonigal ,Bobbi Meier, Brooks Dierdorff, Carisa Mitchell, Carrie Tomberlin, Chip Rutan, Christine Giancola, Danica Antich, Delsa Allen, Eric Tomberlin, Gabrielle Katina Rogers, Georgia Schwender, Gesualdo Romeo, Helene Smith, Inbal Amit, Jeane McGrail, Jennifer Lemper, Jody Magrady, John Cumming, Jon Pickell, Josiane Keller, Judy A. Langston, Kate Shannon, Katsy Johnson, Kelsey Irland-Wright, Kurt Kramer, Lauren La Rose, Lucy Mueller, Martin Drapkin, Mary Schiller, Michael Callaghan, Michael Kolster, Milly West, Natasha Holmes, Patrick Carr, Pauline Kochanski, Rebecca Griggs, Rossi Dimitrova, Setareh Tajbakhsh, Sophia Nahli. Susan Case, Susan Thomson, Suzette Bross, Trisha Martin, Val Brinkerhoff, Valerie McCune, Wes Carson
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