Nancy Bechtol

Show ran from 6/1/2001 to 6/30/2001

Bechtol and Garvey’s dark, humorous and mind-bending visions transform this space into a radiant dreamscape. Music, energy and interaction conduct the viewer through life’s passages to the “ultimate destination.”

Nancy Bechtol,  FREAKS: viruses, trojans and other variants, digital photography and experimental VideoCD movies with original art audio. Spontaneous performance with electricity passing through her body to light bulbs and zap the audience, for those who wish to engage. Bechtol was recently accepted into the permanent collection of the Illinois State Museum for a collaborative videoart work with EmjayZee, Menominee Indian Poet, from a curated exhibition at the Illinois Art Gallery, Chicago.

Frank Garvey,  EROSambo, painting, sculpture, digital art and performance. Special one night performance event: June 1st, 2001, Friday,at 8:30 pm. The traveling OmniCircus show, EROShambo, is an innovative performance event, with live music, humans and amazing robotic actors together in performance. Combined with digital imaging techniques, this show forms a unique high-tech industrial-surrealist experience