Martin Drapkin

Show ran from 8/1/2013 to 8/17/2013

Marty Drapkin’s photography exhibit, “Mothers and Daughters,” represents his work on this subject over almost forty years. The project includes both candid and posed photographs of mothers and daughters of all ages. Drapkin’s goal in this project has been to capture what he can of the beauty and, more importantly, of the special relationship that many mothers and daughters have. This is perhaps the most interesting of human associations, in which we see the full range of human emotions: warmth, caring, devotion, pride, high hopes and expectations, and often just a lot of fun. We may also see the bitterest arguments, sad disappointments, envy, resentment, and hurt feelings. It seems at once the tenderest and most tumultuous of human relationships, and the artist  hopes that his photographs reflect that.