Marilyn: Artist as an Icon

Show ran from 2/1/2012 to 2/25/2012

You are invited to the 60th Birthday Party of MARILYN!

 The Opening of the the exhibit MARILYN: Artist as Icon is Marilyn Zimmerwoman’s actual birthday celebration. She will thank her guests in a performative overview of her life; as she raises the question, “What could the other Marilyn perhaps have accomplished if she was privy to the seismic shift that 30 years of feminist reconstruction gave us all?”

Saturday February 4, 4-7pm   ·   Performance from 5-6pm

MARILYN: Artist as Icon, is an intriguing look at an iconic name inspiring revisionist glitterati blondes and a continual redigestion of the Marilyn personality. The artist/educator/activist, born Marilyn Zimmerman, has been re-envisioned, recorded, and re-assigned various roles and held projections including admirers as well as toxic projections from within the culture wars.

This exhibit presents the life of a unique individual revealed through images made during her career over a period spanning 30 years. Zimmerman represents many things to many different people and these impressions are eloquently revealed through the diverse images of Marilyn made by numerous artists and photographers; images as eclectic as Marilyn herself.