Margaret LeJeune & Sabba Saleem Syal

Show ran from 8/1/2009 to 8/14/2009

Juried Exhibition Winners from “Feminist Interrogation” &  “Are We There Yet”

Opening reception:  Friday, July 24, from 6-9 pm
  • Margaret LeJeune: “The Modern Day Diana,” Photography

The Modern Day Diana series, captured by photographer Margaret LeJeune, examines the world of female hunters.  The images question the relationship between the domestic sphere, traditionally the women’s place, and the hunting world, typically a masculine realm.  Animal pelts and tools of the hunt; the attributes of Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Hunt, further express this dichotomy.

  • Sabba Saleem Syal: “A Contested Territory,” Mixed Media/Fiber/Installation

August 14, 2009 will mark 62 years since the birth of Pakistan in the Indian subcontinent and the nation’s independence from Britain. Sabba Saleem Syal’s work weaves family/personal history within the history of Pakistan’s tumultuous beginning and current state- from the displaced refugees and abducted women of partition to the colonial undercurrents that haunt, challenge, and have helped define Pakistani society and gender constructs today. 62 years later the very existence of the Pakistani state is still under contestation, yet the majority of citizens are preoccupied with their daily and cultural survival.