Linda Robinson Gordon

Show ran from 5/1/2010 to 5/22/2010

“Remains,” Paper, Paste, Thread, Pigment

Opening Reception: Friday, April 30, 6-9pm

Linda Robinson Gordon’s work is a tactile, 3-dimensional exploration of simple forms interpreted through paper, paste, string, thread and raw pigments. The materials metaphorically relate to the fibers, ground substance and connective tissue found in living matter. Linda has recently introduced copper wire into the work to investigate the interplay of matter and energy. Each individual unit develops through a controlled, repetitive process that involves measuring, counting, pasting, wrapping, regrouping, rewrapping, pasting again. The process is the same, but each unit ultimately takes on its own individuality. Eventually, the wire, which has been spiraled and hidden in the process of wrapping is released. One end is released by burning, the other by water. Each unit is then placed into a group or communal context, which allows it to evolve into more complex forms.

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