Laura Blaker

Join us for a challenging new opening
Friday, July 24 from 6-9 pm   

Is what-you-see always what-you-get? In these three exhibits, artists Granite Palombo-Amit, Laura Blaker and Inbal Palombo-Amit present us with visuals that may make us question whether things are really as they first seem. And that perhaps we will want to give our environment a second look.

Exhibition dates: July 22 through August 15, 2015  Gallery hours: Wed to Sat 12-6 pm, and Sun. 12-4 pm

Between the Shadows explores the play of light and color in nature and architecture. Blaker uses an exaggerated color pallet contrasted against darkness to reveal the beauty around and through objects. This strangely creates a feeling of calm amongst the chaos of color and texture.

Blaker’s impasto technique using bold strokes of the pallet knife creates a painting style that is impressionistic almost on the verge of abstract. She works up from black, starting with a red under painting, building texture, which balances the light and expressive color with the healthy weight and depth of the shadows.