Langolier Photo Collective

Show ran from 5/2/2012 to 5/26/2012


Opening Reception Friday, May 4, 6-9pm 

The Langolier Photo Collective: Ron Grenko, David Bechtol, Hermann Wieland and Nancy Bechtol, is a Chicago-based group of photographers which engages in projects with a particular social or contemporary documentary view of historical significance. Each artist has a unique visual style of storytelling, enhanced by deep discussions of the work and resulting in a collective consciousness that radiates a passion for time, place/things, persona/beings or other lifeforms.

This photographic essay, BENSENVILLE, IL.: O’HARE AIRPORT EXPANSION PROJECT, spans a two year period, 2009-2011, documenting the area of Bensenville, Illinois as it transitions from homes to the O’Hare Airport. The photographers were drawn to this area of desolation, destruction, abandonment and ultimately reinvention and witnessed the remaining vestiges of the place that is no longer anyone’s home. Then, after years of legal dispute and personal losses, the buildings were razed. Soon the ghosts still anchored there will inhabit the runways of O’Hare.

Ron Grenko is a Chicago photographer and conceptual artist with a reputation for utilizing materials of a visceral nature.

David Bechtol is a photographer with a focus on nature, landscapes, travel and special events.

Hermann Wieland restores landmark and historic structures and works for local Chicago art and science museums as a special projects manager..

Nancy Bechtol evolved from a fine arts, painting/multi-media background and a student of legendary Don Baum’s “Hairy Who” tradition, to digital envisioning in the early 80s.