Kina Bagovska

4/29/2015 to 5/23/2015

Join us for our Opening

Friday, May 1 from 6-9 pm

George Tantchev

Performance at 7:30 on Friday

Born in a family of professional musicians George first began studying piano at the age of 6 and percussion at 8 with Dobri Paliev and graduated from the State Music Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1995. In 1998 he earned his Masters of Music at Ithaca College, NY, with Gordon Stout and was awarded Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the University of Oklahoma in 2004 where he studied with Richard Gipson.

Since 2010 he has been performing and conducting various orchestras in Chicago and the North Shore. Most currently George performs and conducts his Chicago Soloist Orchestra, featuring soloists and singers in one of a kind entertaining show program of pop, ragtime, world, and classical standards in the style of Andre Rieu with percussion in the forefront.

Since 2005 George serves as Director of the Northfield School of Music serving Chicago and the North Shore offering quality music instruction:Drum lessons, Guitar lessons, Piano lessons, Violin lessons, and all band and orchestra instruments. Those looking at picking up a new string instrument may want to check out beginner cellos to get started with.

As an artist in residence a year ago, Kina Bagvoska accidentally found ancient stones in the medieval city of Auzits, France. It led her to paint forty ritual figures on stones completely in contrast to the figures she painted on raw silk. Silk or stone, paper or canvas, these media for expression are like platforms of discussion, which ask the questions and search for responses to imbue the matter with insight and spiritual substance. In this exhibit, Lost and Found: as a metaphor of life, she often combines elements of ancient historical layers and turns them into ritual with a new meaning.