Kayce Bayer + Kristin Miller Hopkins

Show ran from 7/1/2009 to 7/18/2009

“Home Page,” a multi-media installation of artist books, collage, sculpture, animation & slide projections.

Opening Reception Friday, June 26, from 6-9 pm

Home Page is a multi-media exhibit by collaborators Kayce Bayer and Kristin Miller Hopkins. This project explores individual and relational identity through geographic place and the changing role of the domestic and conceptual home. Mapping her way through a marriage with blueprints for a fictional home, Kristin’s work draws connections between her endless hat-juggling of life, physical, and personal spaces. Kayce animates small drawings, cardboard dioramas, and simple automata, crafting a virtual environment loosely based on her past homes and their respective weather systems.

See Bayer’s animation on YouTube.   Check out K+ K’s blog, Life-in-Parallel