Karen Kazmer

“hover/respire,” mixed media pneumatic installation

Kazmer’s work centerson pneumatic installations that address issues of the body, anxiety and domestic concerns. Site-specific works have been constructed in Vancouver, Victoria, Burnaby (British Columbia), San Francisco, Chicago and New Mexico. “hover/respire” was conceptualized and installed at Kwantlen University Art Gallery (British Columbia) this winter. This “breathing” inflatable installation, to be adapted and integrated into RAW Space, seeks to examine the spaces and objects that we exist with on a daily basis and how we respond to situations that may occur in them. Pneumatic air “pillow drawings” seek to simultaneously express and instruct. Fractured house shapes anxiously act as a counterpoint to the relative calm of a construction hovering in the center that occasionally is gently disturbed by a synaptic type of connection that emanates from a “pillow drawing”.