Judith Joseph

8/1/2010 to 8/14/2010

Judith Joseph:   “The Owing Project:  An Interactive Installation”

Opening Reception:  Friday, July 23, 6-9 pm

What debts do we owe?  How do we feel about owing?  What do we owe each other, and the world?  These are some of the questions addressed by the Owing Project,which seeks to engage the public in a dialogue about debt and owing as a personal and societal problem.  Viewers are invited to participate in a debt confession booth and move through a dystopic garden peopled by Failure Effigies and lined with paintings exploring the spiritual side of what we wish for.

link to Judith Joseph’s website: http://www.judithjosephstudio.com

link to Judith Joseph’s interview on WBEZ radio

link to photos of the ARC exhibition