Jonee Cocchia

Show ran from 2/6/2013 to 3/2/2013

Opening Reception Saturday, Feb. 9 from 4-7 pm

There are scenes that people witness in everyday life which they do not even know they are seeing until the image is captured in a photograph. In this series, Seeing Nothing, the photographer is the spectator, freezing what is happening and presenting it for the viewer to interpret for themselves. The street shots are interactive pieces for the viewer’s mind to run around with. The camera is making the “unseen” visible.

Cocchia, a recent transplant from California,  photographed everything he could after receiving a camera at the age of about thirteen: trash, skateboarders, buildings, cars, and eventually red carpet events, car shows, concerts, album covers, and even weddings and engagements. The artist values what is not always seen by others and loves to be a part of the street and everything it has to offer.