JC Lenochan

Show ran from 5/1/2013 to 5/25/2013

Opening Reception on Saturday, May 4 from 4-7pm

decolonizing: the mind, installation

As a critic of cultural bias at its academic front, JC Lenochan continues his series of installations as investigations of epistemological fatalism in pedagogical practice in decolonizing: the mind.  Deconstructing objects and drawings, reconfiguring ideology and class stratification as a public challenge to the viewer’s sense of re-thinking visual language as a means of cultural transformation, establishes the core of these issues and concerns. As a formidable conceptual practice Lenochan establishes a multi-media environment involving 2d and 3d forms as well as a video performance/lecture, predicated on the social implications and repercussions of being mis-educated in our class room experience that juxtaposes humor and vitality with a crucial sense of history, literature and contemporary process. Lenochan is in constant reflection of the necessity of a post-colonial dialogue on manipulating perspective of the dominant ideology, personal ethnological hybridity, perceptions of otherness and whiteness as a fabrication.

This installation is made possible by a 2013 grant from the Puffin Foundation New York, New York