IMPROVISUS by Candace Law

Join us for our Opening, Friday, Nov. 7 from 6-9 pm

Candace Law’s mixed-media work, Improvisus,  combines encaustic with various materials and found objects to explore the juxtaposition of the man-made with the abstract. Some of her works are intuitive and free-flowing, with a layered, atmospheric feel that is unique to this ancient art form. In others, there is a more formal organization that reaches back to her training in architectural illustration. Law embeds rust prints in the encaustic, often with figure drawings or rusted hardware. Transferring rust from an object to paper creates a beauty of color and pattern that evokes a rebirth from industrial decay and is a metaphor for childhood roots and memories. She also plays with the concept of a “meme”-a cultural idea that spreads, akin to a virus-by incorporating shredded writings in the encaustic.

Show runs from 10/29/2014 to 11/22/2014